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Samantha McCoy

The Woman. The Legend. The Queen of Spicy Romance. She's a little bit of sass mixed with a whole lot of naughty!

Samantha McCoy is an 11-time International Bestselling Author of contemporary romance - MC, PNR, and Erotica. Samantha's characters center around strong, smart, independent women, and the men who are willing to destroy the world to love them. 

She is a lover of coffee, Dr. Pepper, and wine; oh, and of course, we can't forget her unhealthy obsession with Lemonheads.

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She can’t move on from the past.

He avoids the one woman that every man wants.

In this NEW paranormal Romance series, bonds will be forged. Secrets will destroy. And hearts will be broken.

But can they also be healed?

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Devil's Henchmen MC

Retired military, these three friends can't seem to step away from the action. Go on a wild, crazy ride with three VERY alpha men who will stop at nothing to protect their own, even if it means risking it all. A brotherhood without boundries, these men will leave you wanting for more...

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The Enforcer (Book One)

Zander “Reaper” Evans is an Ex-Navy SEAL. Fighting the demons that still lurk in his head, Reaper takes his place as the VP and Enforcer for the Devil’s Henchmen MC. He has a strict ‘no relationship’ policy. Reaper’s heart has already been broken once; and he has no intention of ever letting it happen again. He’ll just stick to one-nights and bachelorhood.
Or so he thought…
Amber Parks can’t believe how her life has changed. One minute happiness is surrounding her. The next, everything is in shambles at her feet. In a blink of an eye everything changed. Left with no other choice, Amber calls her brother for help and finds herself caught in the sights of one very large Henchmen.
The pull between the two is obvious to everyone; however, none of that matters because Amber’s past isn’t quite finished with her, yet… And, Reaper’s demons? Well, they aren’t going anywhere.


The President (Book Two)

Devin “Sledge” Parks is the President of the Devil’s Henchmen MC. As a retired SEAL Commander, he’s led countless missions into enemy territories around the world; and battled demons most people know nothing about. Sledge fears nothing. Until he is face to face with the only woman with the ability to destroy him - again. The same woman that stole his heart and walked away from him eight years ago, like it meant nothing.
Elizabeth (Beth) Andrews never thought she would see Devin again. She ended things between them and broke his heart. It was either that or ruin him, and she couldn’t do that. Leaving was the only option. Now, after witnessing a murder committed by a powerful man, she takes her son and flees. Beth knows Devin is the only thing that stands between her and death.
But how will he react when he finds out the truth about her son? Will he protect her? Or slam the door in her face?


Sergeant at Arms (Book Three)

Marcus “Diesel” Briggs was an Army Ranger and sniper. Now, he’s the ‘Sergeant at Arms’ for the Devil’s Henchmen MC. His job is to enforce the laws within the club. To ensure the safety of all members. So, when one of the club girls is found broken and bloody behind the clubhouse, Diesel takes it upon himself to investigate and seek justice. Henchmen Justice.
But, before that can happen, Diesel will have to accomplish the toughest mission of his life – earning Rachel’s trust.
Rachel Moore isn’t just your average club girl. She wasn’t there for the sex, or the ‘fame’ of being chosen to wear a ‘property of’ patch. As a matter of fact, she couldn’t care less about club business. The only reason Rachel is living in the Henchmen clubhouse – is because it’s safe. However, that all ends when she gets an unwelcomed surprise. Now, Rachel can’t help but wonder if her past has finally caught up to her.
Diesel is willing to do anything to keep Rachel safe, it’s his job after all. But will it be enough? Rachel made that mistake of trusting the wrong person once – and it nearly destroyed her. Will trusting Diesel end with better results? Or will it bring a new level of danger that neither can escape from?

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Iron Angels MC

Who said the MC life had to be a mans only world?
Meet five women bound by blood and sisterhood. These are strong, take-no-crap, hardcore women who can stand up to and hold their own against anyone brave enough to step in their way. A female ran MC series. These women won’t back down to anything, or anyone.

Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Apple. Smashwords. Kobo. And more...

Sapphire (Book One)

Stephanie “Sapphire” Kimber is the heir to the Iron Angels MC, but Sapphire has other plans, and wants no part in the MC lifestyle. None. Handing over the reins to the next sister in line, she sets out to carve her own path. But when tragedy pulls Sapphire back into the world she’s tried so hard to escape, her dreams of freedom are crushed. Until a new and unexpected dream makes itself known.
Michael “Tank” Williams, a member of the Devil’s Henchmen MC, had everything he ever wanted. Life was perfect, until it wasn’t. And when a chance encounter with a girl from another MC sets his heart on fire, decisions must be made. He can’t stop dreaming about her, won’t stop thinking about her, and he will have her—no matter the cost.
Loyalties will be tested. Lines will be crossed. And a forbidden love will ignite them all.

Sapphire eCover.jpg

Piper (Book Two)

Penelope “Piper” Kimber is not your average biker chick or police Detective either. As a member of the Iron Angels MC, Piper keeps more to the outside of things, but when a case leads her back to the Angel’s clubhouse doorsteps, Piper is forced to bring back some painful memories for someone she loves. Working alongside her sisters, Piper pieces together a puzzle that will put more than just herself in danger. It might just be the very thing that takes everything from her and totally destroys her world.
Aidan Wright has been in love with Piper since the moment he saw her, not that he would admit it to anyone. He watches from the background as she puts herself in danger to protect others, every single day. But when a case leads Piper into darker areas of crime, Aidan refuses to let her go alone. He would follow her anywhere, even through the gates of Hell. Calling in a favor, Aidan will risk everything he has built for himself to keep the women he loves safe.
Love is a powerful weapon. It can build and it can destroy; but most importantly, it can heal. Boundaries will be tested. Loyalty will be decided. And love, well love will determine it all.

Piper eCover.jpg

Scarlet (Book Three)

Kristen “Scarlet” Kimber was a social worker by day and an Iron Angel by night - sort of. Sheltered from the MC life, and the youngest of the Kimber sisters, Scarlet had little to do with what happened behind the scenes, or in front of them for that matter. Many called her naïve. Some said she looked at the world with rose colored glasses, but they were wrong. Scarlet had seen her fair share of the ugliness in the world. Or so she thought… When she is forced in the middle of a war between one of her sisters and a human trafficking king, Scarlet’s eyes are forced to witness things she will never be able to un-see. Left to rely on herself, Scarlet must dig deep for a courage she never possessed.
Rayden Wright is a police detective with a strong sense of loyalty and family. When his twin brother needs his help, Rayden drops everything – including his job. Teaming up with two of the most powerful MC’s in the state, Rayden is in for a fight against the people who took Scarlet and with himself. One battle he will win; the other he will lose.
Love isn’t always about wine and roses. Sometimes its filled with bumps and bruises; and other times, with kidnappings and explosives! Trust will need to be earned. Faith will need to be restored. And the truest test of loyalty, has just barely begun.
WARNING: This book contains dark scenes and may have triggers for some people. Read at your own discretion.

Scarlet eCover.jpg

Sable (Book Four)

Pain. Hurt. Devastation.
Three words Christina “Sable” Kimber knew more about than any one person should. Finding love was supposed to be the ultimate gift, but for her ­- it was the beginning of the end. Broken, Sable fights a darkness that seems to be swallowing her whole and she vows to never let another man get close to her again. Alienating herself from family and friends, Sable finds herself giving up on life and leaving the city she had always called home.
Mistrust. Betrayal. Destruction.
Tatum Stone knew hurt. After leaving a toxic relationship, all he wanted was a quiet, simple life for himself and his daughter. Moving across the country, he settled into a small Chicago townhouse and created the exact thing he had always wanted. Finally, Tatum had found his place in the world. A place he could easily call home and for once, everything was perfect - or so he thought.
When a beautiful redhead moves in next door, Tatum’s peace vanishes. He can see the damage of her past as if it were written across her skin. A part of him has an overwhelming need to reach out and help her pick up the pieces; however, another part is screaming for him to run before his deepest secret is revealed.
Can two people that are so similar, yet so different, find love again? Or will the past refuse to stay where it belongs?

Sable eCover.jpg

Raven (Book Five)

Katharyn “Raven” Montgomery is a loner. She learned a long time ago to trust no one. With a life paved by mistakes, she tries to find a happy ending for herself, and she truly thought she had finally found that in Magnus. However, when a trip to a foreign country goes bad, she finds herself unable to handle the situation alone and even more leery of who she can count on.
Befriending a stranger could be the only thing that keeps her alive. Or, it just might be the biggest mistake of her life.  
Magnus O’Connell is tired of living on two different continents. He’s finally to the point in his life that he just wants to settle down with the woman who holds his heart; however, someone from his past has a different plan. When an untold truth is revealed, Magnus’s carefully constructed world begins to fall apart and he must decide which is most important – obligation or love.
Because at this point, he can’t have both.
Lorcan O’Brien lived for one thing – his Pub. However, all that changes when a feisty raven-haired beauty shows up in his tavern needing a place to stay. He offers to help, but only because she’s his best friends’ girl. When a slip of the tongue completely blurs the line of friendship, Lorcan has no desire to turn back. Yet, one bad decision rips his new found life apart.
Is he brave enough to fix it? Or will he hide behind his shame?

Raven eCover.jpg
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Club Reign

Welcome to Club Reign. A Chicago nightclub located on the iconic Navy Pier. Here, the drinks will flow like the waters of the Great Lakes; and by invitation only, so does the pleasure. But before you enter, just remember – What happens downstairs, stays downstairs.
So, are you ready to enter the underground world of sex, fun, and pleasures of all kinds?

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Dominic (Book One)

Dominic Rissi thought he had it all figured out. He only cared about two things – Sex and Domination. But that was before he got a taste of her.
Storm Sinclair jumped at the opportunity to work downstairs. She considered it an educational experience. That is until a muscled-up co-worker ruins it all. And her.
Can Dominic and Storm find some common ground? Or will their heat burn them both? Or maybe, there’s a third option… Could it be, a couple that pleasures together, stays together?


Savannah (Book Two)

Savannah Lexington was used to the hard knocks of life. But even though she had a less than stellar upbringing, she was happy. She had her daughter, a home, a job she loved, and friends. What more could she ask for?
Well, how about a sexy doctor who wants to give her the world? Too good to be true? Maybe. Or maybe not.
Harrison Belford had everything in life he had ever wanted. Money, prestige, and a thriving medical practice. He was all set. Or was he? When the mother of one of his patients walks into his office, Harrison suddenly realizes he wants one more thing – a family.
But can he convince Savannah to trust him? Can he show her that not every rich guy is a self-serving jerk?
And what happens when the famous Belford family finds out about Savannah’s career? Is he man enough to stand up for her? Or will he prove to Savannah that he’s just another rich, judgmental bastard?


Brooklyn (Book Three)

Brooklyn Holloway was the all-American girl. Gavin Rodrigues was the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Two high school sweethearts that were completely in love – they just knew they were meant for each other.
However, when a single act of betrayal rips them apart, Brooklyn spirals out of control. On a path of self-destruction, she finds herself waist-deep in the pleasures of the hottest nightclub in the city.
And she loves every minute of it. Craves it. Until an unexpected encounter with the past threatens her present.
Gavin has no problem owning his own mistakes, but he refuses to take the blame for something he didn’t cause. One way or another, he’ll make Brooklyn finally see the truth. Even if it means bearing his soul and laying everything he has on the line.
Can Gavin save Brooklyn from herself? Or will it be too late?
Because we all know, fairytales are just a myth, and happily ever afters aren’t always promised.


Reign (Book Four)

Rian (Reign) O’Brien thought she could escape the life she hated, and the destiny that was created for her before she was even born—but she was wrong. When an unwanted visitor shows up with news from home, Reign is forced to come to terms with a future she never wanted. But she doesn’t plan to go down without a fight. If she has to unwillingly sacrifice her soul, then she plans to raise hell every step of the way.
All Brutus O’Dowd wants is a peaceful life on his family farm—alone. But when he receives news that Rian is on her way back, he knows his quiet existence is coming to an end. And he’s not happy—or at least that was the case before he laid eyes on the tattooed, raven-haired beauty.
Alpha verses Alpha – Dominant verses Dominant.
And neither plan to stand down.
Sparks will fly as attitudes and tempers flare. Will Reign and Brutus be able to find common ground? Or will their perfectly matched personalities be too much for the other to bear?
Either way, the passion that ignites between these two will heat more than just the bed sheets.

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Devil's Henchmen MC NexGen

The lines between right and wrong, never seemed so blurred...

Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Apple. Smashwords. Kobo. And more...

Devil's Henchmen MC NexGen_Tinker's Dile
Jokers Revenge_eBook.jpg
Inks Temptation_eBook.jpg

more books will be added as they are published!

Derek “Ink” Parks is the next in line to take over the club. He lives and breathes for his family. Helaine Cirillo is a victim who hasn’t lost her will to fight and is determined to keep her freedom at all costs.

When a mission puts Ink in the sights of a man who the club has been recently hunting, he will have to pull out all the stops to not only fight for himself, but also for the people he loves the most. The hunter is now the hunted.

Helaine can’t seem to get anything to go right in her life. One innocent mistake took nearly everything from her and broke her in ways she never imagined. However, she has no idea that her fight is just beginning. She will be forced to break down a few carefully constructed walls and place her trust in a man she barely knows because if she doesn’t, she could lose the only thing she has left – the only thing of value – her life.

Ink and Helaine must learn to rely on each other if they plan to survive their latest assignment, but the hunt isn’t the only obstacle they will have to face. Together, they will have to figure out how to overcome each other and the feelings that they invoke in one another.

Can Ink ward off temptation enough to keep her safe? Or will Helaine vanish before he even gets a chance?

She’s an MC princess, born and raised in the club life with a strict moral compass. He’s a member on a notorious drug cartel and on the opposite side of the law.

~ ~ ~

Stephanie Briggs has only ever wanted one person in her life, but when he’s taken from her unexpectedly, she closes herself off. After all, what good is a heart, if it’s only meant to be broken?

Rafael Holston is a money man. Wash. Dry. Repeat. And he will do whatever he needs to do to protect the people he loves the most.

Determined to bring down the organization that took everything from her, she puts herself in the path of a madman hellbent on destroying her family. However, when she receives the shock of her life, Stephanie will have to decide just how far she is willing to go. Will she be able to withstand the battle ahead? Or will she be forced to admit defeat? But perhaps, the greatest question of all is – is Rafael friend… or foe?

Joker was the MC funny guy, the son of the club’s Sergeant at Arms. Jasmine Williams is the woman caught in the crossfire of an ugly war between right and wrong.

~ ~ ~

Alex “Joker” Briggs is a man on a mission. His demons are riding him hard as he falls deeper into a black hole of madness - one even his club can’t pull him out of. All he can think about is revenge. It consumes him and feeds on his soul.

An eye for an eye – that’s what they say.

Jasmine Williams has no idea of the danger that she’s been put in. But when a mysterious man shows up, everything in her life seems to explode. Caught in a war between two powerful organizations, she will have to rely on herself for survival.

Because trust can get you killed.

She is the final piece of his puzzle. The payback for all the wrong deeds done to him and Joker will have her, no matter the cost.

But Jasmine isn’t powerless. The tables will turn, but in the end, will she save the man from himself? Or will she leave him to rot in the darkness alone?

Their worlds will collide in a spark-filled, intense battle that will leave them both battered, bruised, and breathlessly begging for more.

Tinker is MC royalty, the son of an MC Enforcer. Keily Hopper is just an innocent bystander caught in the sights of a sadistic psychopath.
~ ~ ~
Jameson “Tinker” Evans is good at what he does. But after finishing his latest assignment for the club, he finds himself in a bad headspace. Something just isn’t sitting right with him, and when a certain brunette crosses his path, it only gets worse.
Keily Hopper is just trying to make a new life for herself. When her latest relationship ended badly, she was left with nowhere else to go – but home. Not the type to wallow in self-pity, Keily is determined to make the best of a bad situation and create the life she always wanted for herself, and her daughter.
However, her ex seems to have other plans.
When the Devil’s Henchmen MC receives word that Keily is in danger, they work hard to protect her – and she doesn’t even know it. At least, not until she comes face to face with a man who intends on ripping her world apart and then burn it to ash.
Tinker will have to lay everything on the line as he fights to keep Keily safe. But as the days pass, the line between protector and protected seems to blur. Will Tinker be able to keep the attraction at bay, or will one passionate decision cost them both – dearly?

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Other Books...

Malcom_eCover (1).jpg

Dark Leopards MC - Anthology Texas Chapter: Tall, Dark & Dangerous

33 Authors have come together to give you an Anthology like never before! 

From all walks of life, they came together. Shifters who liked living a bit on the wild side, riding their bikes, and taking care of business.
Eight chapters of the biggest, baddest cats spanning two states - Texas and Michigan - and the mates who love them.
But that love won't come without a cost because there's always a price to pay when you live on the wrong side of the law as a 1% MC...human trafficking, gun running, pelt thieves....can the Dark Leopard MC handle the threats to their very existences?

Authors include: Kayce Kyle, Samantha McCoy, Ember Phoenix, C.G. Lee, W.M. Dawson, Annelise Reynolds, R.R. Born, C.J. Pinard, Morgan Jane Mitchell, Misha Elliott, Dawn Sullivan, Samantha Conley, Screaming Mimi, Lynn Burke, Liberty Parker, L. Firminger, Grace Brennan, Eden Rose, Evan Grace, JA Lafrance, Jessica Joy, Lethe Gene, Chelle C. Craze, Jaime Russell, S.E. Isaac, Josette Reuel, Michelle Savage, Xana Jordan, Maria Vickers, Christine Michelle, Mandi Konesni & Darlene Tallman.

Brailynn (A Rogue Enforcers Novel)

Brailynn Wallachia was just an ordinary witch. Guided by Boanna, the Goddess of Water, she kept to herself and studied her craft – until one frightful day when her life and everything she cherished vanished, destroying what innocence she had remaining.

Now, set on revenge, she leaves home to hunt down the man who took it all from her. But when magical forces intervene, Brailynn finds herself in an environment she wasn’t prepared for, with powers that others will stop at nothing to possess – and she cannot fully control.

Suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted; and Brailynn will have to join forces with some unlikely allies if she plans to survive what fate has in store for her.

Andrej Gregorovich has lived a long time, nearly six centuries to be exact. He’s seen a lot of things in his time on Earth, and nothing can surprise him anymore. But when a witch who can manipulate the weather arrives in his territory, he’s not prepared for the shock he receives.

He’s roamed the world for hundreds of years, protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. But, when a piece of his past comes back to haunt him, Andrej isn’t sure how to deal with it. For the first time, he feels out of place in the world around him.

Can his rag-tag group of misfits pull him back to the darkness and help him to become the leader they know he can be? Or will he immerse himself in the light, leaving the fate of the world in the hands of someone unable to carry the burden alone.

A war is on the horizon. The fight between supernatural and mankind will be brutal and bloody – and there can only be one winner.

Malcom (A Rogue Enforcers Novel)

Malcom Hicks is next in line to take over the infamous Hicks Pride, but he has no idea what’s in store for him. His strength will be tested when a dangerous group of Hunters converge on his city. A war is on the horizon and Malcom will have to set aside his own desires if he plans to win it – not only for his people but for the entire world.

However, a painful betrayal will leave Malcom broken and destroyed.

Tabatha Petrova is a sheltered witch who has just learned that monsters are real, and family can’t always be trusted. When she is thrown into a war that can destroy the shifter world as she knows it, Tabatha runs to the only person she thinks can help her. Not only does she find the help she sought, but she also finds a man that melts her heart and burns her soul.
But destiny refuses to be denied.

To win the battle, Malcom and Tabatha will have to call on some unlikely allies and band together to face a threat that has the potential to destroy them all – inside and out.

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